Workshops and courses in the Summer 2020

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Writing Our Stories Into/Onto the World -kirjoitustyöpaja 

Teacher: Tania Nathan 

1. Curse 1.6.–5.6.2020, 10am – 2pm 

2. Curse 8.6.–12.6.2020, 10am – 2pm 

About 11–14 years olds

Languages: English & Finnish

Writing course synopsis:  

The stories we have to tell are sometimes our own, or those of our generation, our family, our culture, or our secrets. How do we write our stories into the world?

How do we find the stories that we want to tell, or need to tell? Finding the inner voice as a writer is what we will find in this 5 day workshop, appropriate for all ages, for writers that want to seek their space and writing voice. 

Themes that will be considered include - identity, our space in the surrounding world, engaging the senses, observing the space around us, becoming in tune (or out of tune) with our physical being,  and how to nourish our artistic spirits, and finding our inspirations to write. 

The combination of writing exercises, group discussion, examining short texts and / or excerpts from films, music and the use of props (from the teacher and/or students) will help the writing process, and shape our writing voices together.  

This course is interactive, multilingual, will employ safe space practices.  

Open Studio Workshop 

Teacher: Eungyung Kim 

1.6–5.6. 2020, 10am – 2pm 

8–13 years olds , 10 pupils 

Languages: English & Finnish

Open Studio 

In this workshop, children will be exposed to a wide variety of art materials and techniques. It is an opportunity to try out oil paintings, plaster works, printmaking or STEM art (art + science) for the first time or deepen already acquired skills and techniques. Children are encouraged to try out as many different techniques as possible, but also allowed to take time with a specific one that they are particularly interested in, as the room will be set in an open studio style with different stations. 

Day 1 

  • Introduction to materials and techniques 
  • Pencil drawing, charcoal drawing, pastel drawing 
  • Watercolor painting, gouache painting, oil painting. 

Day 2 

  • Printmaking- linocuts and monotype. 

Day 3 

  • Plaster sculpture- statues and shoe making .

Day 4 

  • STEM- circuit projects .

Day 5 

  • Wrap up & exhibition . 

Courses for school groups

Caisa’s 5x2 courses support the art and internationality education programmes of schools. Shorter courses and workshops are also organised at Caisa.

Children’s leisure time

It is an opportunity for little children to experience artistic creativity, develop social skills with other children. For the caretaker, to strengthen emotional bonding in a playful and creative environment.