Kindergarten and schools

Caisa supports the internationality education programmes of day care centres and schools by offering courses and short workshops to groups free of charge.

Courses for school groups

Caisa’s 5x2 courses support the art and internationality education programmes of schools. Shorter courses and workshops are also organised at Caisa.

Workshops for day care groups

Teachers can use our fun fairy tale theatre workshops as part of the internationality education of children. Select the most suitable cultural emphasis for your group.

Childrens leisure time

We organise language and culture courses for children during which children can use languages not commonly used in Finland.

Adults leisure time

Hobby groups for adults meet weekly at Caisa. The range of leisure activities in Caisa includes theatre, choir or Chinese ink wash painting, for example. Courses are arranged by Caisa’s cooperation partners. 

Children’s leisure time

Do you want your child to know how to use your own native language in addition to Finnish? A language and culture course will strengthen your child’s second language and cultural identity.

Adults’ leisure time

Hobby groups for adults meet once a week for the whole semester at the most. The selection of courses changes each semester. The selection may include choir, theatre and language studies, for example.