About us

Caisa is an open and dynamic cultural centre in Helsinki. Caisa was established in 1996. We promote the development of Helsinki into a more culturally diverse city. Our objective is to involve residents of Helsinki with different backgrounds in experiencing and creating art within the cultural life of the city.

We organise cultural events both ourselves and in cooperation with our partners, at Caisa and elsewhere. Concerts, performances, exhibitions, seminars, discussions, festivals, courses and clubs form the core of Caisa’s operations. We organise information and networking events for professional artists. Caisa’s facilities are also rented out for organising various events and parties.

A networked operating model promotes the interaction of residents and organisations with various backgrounds, develops the working conditions of foreign professional artists and supports the distinct culture of ethnic minorities.

Caisa is also an active operator in the Association for Multicultural Centres in Finland that was established in 2015. The association organises meetings and training, gathers good field-specific practices and functions as a discussion forum and a party of influence.

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