Principles for safer space at Caisa Cultural Centre

Everyone has an equal right to participate in Caisa’s activities without fear of inappropriate treatment

The stated goal of the principles for safer space is to create an operating culture at Caisa in which everyone seeks to build an equal, respectful and open atmosphere through their own actions.

Each of us is responsible for our own behaviour. At Caisa, we condemn and address all inappropriate treatment.

By inappropriate treatment we mean, for example:

  • discrimination, physical or verbal harassment, stalking or inappropriate behaviour targeted at:
    • gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or national origin, nationality, language, religion and conviction, opinion, disability, health, age or any other characteristic relating to a person, for example.

At Caisa, we respect each other 

We respect each other and each other’s personal physical and mental state. We take this into account in our behaviour and speech. If we are unsure, we ask what is appropriate for the other person. 

  • Request space for yourself if necessary. We do not touch another person without asking permission. We do not interfere others with inappropriate behaviour or by staring, for example.
  • Respectful speech or behaviour does not mock, ridicule, degrade, push anyone aside  or embarrass. We refrain from racism, criticism of appearance, gossiping and sustaining stereotypes.

At Caisa, we avoid prejudice and futile assumptions about each other 

We are different from each other in many ways and express ourselves in many different ways. When we challenge our own prejudice and assumptions, we are able to get to know new people, things and perspectives in a more balanced way.

At Caisa, we listen to each other 

We strive to be open and listen to each other. We give room for conversation. Together, we ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate in the discussion. In our conversations, we respect the privacy of others and treat sensitive topics with respect. We also have the right to respectfully disagree with each other. 

At Caisa, we err and make mistakes 

To err is human. Mistakes also happen despite good intentions. Stop or change your behaviour if someone asks you to. Apologise if you have intentionally or unintentionally offended others. Also be ready to forgive others. 

At Caisa, we address inappropriate treatment – ask the staff for help in case of problems

If you experience or witness inappropriate behaviour, you have the right to appropriately ask the other person to stop or change their behaviour.  

  • Ask help from the staff in case of problems. In threatening situations, the closest help can always be found by contacting the property caretaker at Caisa’s lobby. (Tel.: +358 9 310 80008 

Tell us about inappropriate treatment at Caisa

Have you encountered any problematic situations?