Questions and answers about the re-opening of cultural centres to the public

How will the safety of customers be ensured at cultural centres once they re-open starting from 1 June?

The indoor facilities of cultural centres have been supplied with additional signs and instructions urging visitors to maintain a safe distance. The staff of cultural centres will monitor customer numbers and the maintaining of safe distances indoors.

Hand sanitiser and hand washing stations are available indoors.

Cleaning has been intensified. We are now paying heightened attention to the cleaning of our facilities and the cleaning of different surfaces in particular. The situation is being actively monitored.

We are constantly monitoring information issued by the authorities in relation to the coronavirus outbreak and will inform our customers of any changes to coronavirus guidelines without delay.

What services will be available at cultural centres from 1 June?

Cultural centres will re-open their gallery facilities on 1 June, with the exception of the Kanneltalo gallery, which will stay closed for renovation for the summer. Gallery exhibitions offer free entry and galleries are open during cultural centres’ opening hours.

Cultural centres’ yard areas will be used to hold instructed City Dances in the summer. If you wish to participate in City Dances, please bring your own partner! In addition to this, cultural centres are also organising summer courses for children and young people. Malmitalo will be organising free-of-charge summer film showings in June. Activities for children and young people will be held in Annantalo’s yard area and A-lava open stage throughout the summer. Good hand hygiene and safe distances will be observed at all events, and the numbers of participants are limited.

When will cultural centres’ autumn indoor activities begin?

Cultural centres’ autumn season begins in mid-August. More detailed autumn programmes will be posted on the cultural centres’ own websites during the summer, read more at,,,,,,

When will tickets to autumn events go on sale?

Tickets to some of the cultural centres’ autumn events are already on sale! For up-to-date event information, please visit the cultural centres’ own websites:,,,,,,