Caisa's Open Call 2019

Come plan with us our coming year’s program!

In our program, we want to bring forward the cultural diversity inside Helsinki through art and culture. We are specially looking for new, current and stand taking professional productions, without forgetting communal and participatory projects. We are open to all brave and original ideas. Interdisciplinarism and multilingualism are a plus.

The final decisions will make Caisa’s own production team, who will analyze all the proposals and compare them with Caisa’s own values, Helsinki city’s strategy and production resources. We will notify our program selections to all who have submitted a proposal by 31.10. If the proposal is not chosen to be a part of Caisa’s program, there is the possibility of renting/or having the space for your own use. There is possibility of getting other support as consulting with the producers or use of the project room.

If you have submitted a proposal for 2019 through the last open call, you don’t have to resend it to us.

* * * * * * *

What are we looking for the program of 2019:

1) Ready productions (premieres and possibly reruns)
2) Ideas for future productions
3) Courses for children and youth
4) Proposal for the Multilingual Month (21.2.-21.3.2019)

Multilingual Month starts on February 21st, International Mother Language Day, and ends on March the 21st, World Poetry Day and International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. On 2019 we’ll celebrate the 5th Multilingual Month.

As the number of different languages speaking residents increases in Finland, the new nuances of the Finnish language are also increasing. This linguistic diversity is common in multicultural work communities, such as the Cultural Centre Caisa. The common working language is Finnish, but it can be talked in many different ways without hurting the main task of the language: communication. Cultural Centre Caisa is particularly interested in program proposals that deal with and make visible these different “Finnish languages”.

* * * * * * *

Application time: 14.5. - 30.9.18

Send your proposal: link

The production team can receive continually new ideas also outside the open call deadlines, but their execution must be analyzed case-by-case. Proposals and ideas can be presented also to the program of 2020.

If you have any question during the application time, please do contact our team:

Multicultural training and Caisa’s course activities
producer Oge Eneh
tel 09 310 37508, 040 334 1086

Stage and interior design, art exhibitions
producer Faruk Lika
tel 09 310 37515, 050 461 6957

Cultural events, theatre & circus, festivals
producer Jaana Lindman
tel 09 310 37005, 050 551 3355

Cultural events, music, language & literature
producer Kitari Mayele
tel 09 310 37506, 050 412 0481

Cultural events, Chinese New Year, dance, cinema
producer Johanna Rissanen
tel 09 310 37798, 040 351 3797

Inquiries and booking of premises and events
Production Assistant Merja Taivalantti-Bouchghoul
tel 09 310 37503